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Day 4 & 5 Copenhagen - Oslo

Sunday 17 July - 18 July 2016

sunny 21 °C

After a leisurely breakfast, we took a maxi taxi to the cruise terminal with Doug and Cherryl and Doug’s brother David and his wife. Cherryl was adamant that we get there early and sure enough, we had boarded the ship by midday. We were lucky as our room L204 on Lido deck was ready for us. It’s a mini suite with a king sized bed, lounge, two TVs and a balcony – very nice.
Lunch was available so we ate and met up with some others in the group. We took the opportunity in the afternoon, while sitting at the dock, to watch a movie, Everest. It’s so good to have nothing to do but relax.
The ship set sail at 6pm to a loud sound of horns with a band playing some great music. It was quite cold on deck but it was worth the effort to bid Copenhagen farewell. Dinner was nothing to write home about as we ate in the general dining room.
Ross and I thought we would watch a movie but I fell asleep so that was the end of that. During the night, there was some movement in the ship. Around midnight, I got up to check out the ocean. It looked pretty calm but I could still feel the vibrations of the ship as it surged forward.
Sunrise was around 5am and at that point, we had left the open stretch of sea and had entered the channel with our first glimpse of Norway on our side of the ship. The sky had a tinge of pink through the clouds, quite beautiful against the blue calm of the ocean. Ross and I took a walk to get a cup of tea and a pastry at around 7am. I think we need to organise some room service!!
Doug and Cherryl met us for breakfast and we dined in the Concerto Restaurant. Breakfast was nothing out of the ordinary but filled the gaps. During the next hour, the ship arrived in Oslo, a very pretty sight indeed. As we approached the quay, the Holmenkollen ski jump could be seen in the distance. We set off by foot once the announcement was made to disembark.
The waterfront of the city is lined with high masted yachts, some made of timber, and various sea-going vessels. The gardens were in full bloom and statues were at the ready for photos. The city hall, Radhuset, was the first major building encountered on our wander. Next on the list was the National Theatre. Further on, we climbed a gentle slope to Slottet, The Royal Palace, a rather plain building. However, it dates back to early last century so it is well maintained. We witnessed the changing of the guard, young men with baby faces entrusted with automatic rifles. It was worth the wander around the beautifully manicured gardens – the size and colour of the begonias to be appreciated. It was an easy walk down to the main street and mall, Johans Gate, so as to find Domkirken, an impressive church. By this time, lunch was calling so we made our way back to the ship for a bistro lunch.
Following our afternoon siesta, Ross and I headed out to explore Akershus Fortress and Castle, a structure that lies beside where the ship was moored. Along the way there were many statues, but the interesting ones being called “Silent Howlers”. Oslo is proud of its opera house so we thought we had better take a look. We didn’t bother going all the way over to it. The design allows people to walk from the bottom to the top of the structure. It was a leisurely wander back through the city streets to the ship.
After meeting up with the group and having a few drinks, we had dinner and called it a night. While watching a movie the ship set sail for Germany.

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Day 3 - Copenhagen

Saturday 16 July 2016

rain 16 °C

Day 3 Copenhagen
Saturday 16 July 2016
Today started out marvellously with a delicious breakfast where we were met by Cherryl and Doug Lukin. They had arrived from Casablanca around 7.30 last night. We decided to walk with them and retrace our steps on foot from what we did by bus yesterday.
First stop was the queen’s palace but this time, we looked at it from the better vantage point down near the water. Cherryl was hoping Mary would invite us in for tea and scones but she wasn’t home!! From there we walked to St Alban’s Angligan Church that has a beautiful fountain on one side but is also surrounded by a moat lined by weeping willows. To our amazement, we were able to walk to the Little Mermaid so I made sure I got up close and personal with her this time.
From there we wove our way back through the city streets to the Radhus Square and Tivoli Gardens. We did stop for coffee, scones and a traditional Danish bun for morning tea. Ross and Doug also purchased Danish sausages in a bread roll. Unfortunately, the weather came in quite inclement so umbrellas and ponchos had to deployed. It was not heavy rain but enough to annoy us. We decided to not buy entry to Tivoli as it is like Dreamworld. We made our way back past the Glyptotek and on to the Christiansborg Palace, showing Doug and Cherryl the baptism chapel. To think we paid 220 kroner each to do this yesterday. At least we have a pretty good idea of where things are in Copenhagen now.
Our hotel has a lovely foyer where you can make a cup of tea for 25 kroner. I am very annoyed that I did not pack my kettle!!

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Day 2 - Copenhagen

15 July 2015

semi-overcast 20 °C

It’s another birthday and what better way to spend it – eating breakfast in Copenhagen. The spread was delicious and the cold meats and cheese were irresistible. Of course, there is always the obligatory pastry to finish off the meal.
After a short nap, we decided to take the hop on hop off tour. It at least helped us to know what we were looking at yesterday. To start off, the church we saw was part of the Amalienborg Palace, the main residence of the queen. From there it was on to the Little Mermaid. In 1983 we started to walk to see her and gave up. I don’t think we would ever have found her as it was quite a way from the city centre. I have heard that it is a bit of a disappointment and we weren’t disappointed – she is just a tiny statue!! Back in the centre of town, we disembarked and took a better look at Christiansborg Palace. Also took a look inside the chapel where Mary and Fredrick have held christenings. Tivoli Gardens are alive at this time of year – similar to Dreamworld with rides etc.
We spotted a small street restaurant and we indulged ourselves in some tostadas with salsa, bread with bone marrow butter and battered chicken with lime sauce. We even tried some beer.
Walking makes you tired so we thought we would have a nap in the afternoon but we didn’t wake up until 8pm. Decided to find some dinner so wandered back up through Nyhavn and into the city centre where we settled on an Italian place. It was quite cool outside so we hope it doesn’t get too much colder as we head north!!

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Day 1 - Copenhagen

Thursday 14 July 2016

overcast -20 °C

Thirty-three years ago, Ross and I arrived in Copenhagen by train from Hamburg and we lumped our backpacks through the snow to our pension. Today it was different. We arrived by A380, we caught a taxi to Hotel Skt. Annae, the driver lifted my bags for me … and it was not snowing.
Our flights from Australia were amazing. In just over 14 hours of straight flying we were in Dubai. After a three-hour stopover, it was another six and a half hours, plus another breakfast and lunch, and we were in Copenhagen. Even though we had only had naps on the plane, we set foot and had a look around the area we are staying in. It’s not far to Nyhavn, where quaint houses line a canal. It was once the place where sailors went for a good time and where the provincial girls went to party. For many years is was the city’s red light district. Today it is a popular tourist spot with restaurants and bars – very nice.
Wandering on foot is what we like to do and we found a few lovely shopping streets and the rear side of the palace area. Danish pastries are my favourite and we spotted this bakery that made fantastic coffee and the most beautiful pastry that melted in our mouths. We shared one of course.
After a beer and a lemon beer, we decided to have an early night.

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